Oh how we love Leslie! My husband and I were nervous to start a large remodel of our home that we had been dreaming about for 17+ years. We knew we needed the help of a designer to make things perfect and we couldn’t be more pleased that we luckily found Leslie Weldon Design. We arranged an initial meeting at our house where we went over our ideas, having no idea how much our dream project would cost and how to even begin the process. Leslie is a godsend to us “newbies”. She has so much experience and is an honest, realistic communicator. Our plans included moving our kitchen to another area of the house, removing load bearing walls and completely changing the look and feel of our 1970’s rambler. Leslie was so proficient throughout the process and has wonderful connections in the business. She introduced us to our contractor and was present in our planning meetings with him. After that, Leslie and I communicated over email and over the phone. She worked up several different layout plans for us, including 3D renderings, and helped us outline our budget and planning needs. She was wonderful at showing us ideas that I hadn’t thought of previously. Once we picked our layout, Leslie expertly ordered our cabinetry and assisted with all the other design aspects such as lighting, tile, counter tops, hardware and flooring. She often was a liaison between our contractor and us, saving us a lot a time. At the times when we felt overwhelmed, it was a great comfort having Leslie to explain things and to help us set expectations. Her experience and knowledge is invaluable and our home remodel turned out beyond our wildest dreams. We now consider Leslie a dear friend and we look forward to working with her again.
— Julee Jensen
I’ve worked with Leslie as the general contractor on several of her projects. Having been in the construction industry for dozens of years, I am very familiar with the importance of partnering with a qualified designer. Leslie is exceptional. Good designers design and plan a project that is tailored to the client and ready to build for the contractor. Not only do Leslie’s jobs follow that path, but the low-stress, knowledgeable confidence she exudes makes working with her a pleasure. I would highly recommend her to any client that values a professional and objective view on design and is serious about quality.
David Getts, General Contractor
— David Getts, General Contractor
After a difficult (read nightmare) remodel experience in another bathroom and exploring options with other designers and companies, we chose to work with Leslie on our master bath and bedroom remodel. It was a wonderful experience. She is professional, yet warm - creative yet thoroughly business-like. After many years experience she knows her field and products so well that she patiently guided us to good decisions (and gently away from bad ones). She took our vague desire to turn our truly awful, cramped and non-functioning master suite into a “zen/craftsman” space and created a lovely bedroom and bathroom beyond any thing we ever hoped to achieve, with as much emphasis on functionality as appearance. We chose the contractor that she recommended and had a seamless, no surprises experience - a world away from our first bathroom remodel. Having read the other reviews, our process and experience were the same. We cannot recommend Leslie more highly and would use no other designer for our upcoming kitchen remodel.Thank you Leslie for a great remodel experience and a wonderful finished product
— Jo Wilson
Leslie is so easy to work with. She listens to your requests and makes great recommendations. She provided us with a design my husband and I could work with and we completed the job as we had requested. Love our new kitchen! It’s everything and even more than we could have imagined.
— Val Cooper