Design Process


I assume that our first meeting will be on the phone where you get to learn about me and I get to hear from you what your project involves and how you would like to handle things. If we seem to be on the same wavelength  I like to come to your house and see the project and what you envision. I will take measurements and start working on a design to suit the parameters of the room and your wants and needs.

Investigating What's Possible-

 The next time we meet I will have some new designs and materials for your room that you can review. We will discuss the things you like and the things you don't. I am not sensitive, this is your house and it needs to suit you. Once we go over the possibilities and decide which direction to take, we can move onto the next step.

 Detailed Specifications-

 I will take what we have created and start putting prices to those decisions. I will create a list of things that go into the project and price them. This will include materials, appliances, fixtures, tile, counter tops, cabinets , architectural detail and layout designs, the building blocks indispensable to defining your remodel. The detailed specifications give basis to the level of contractor and subcontractor skill required to successfully accomplish your remodel.

 Bid and Budget-

 With all the pieces in place I will price everything out using allowances for the things you have yet to pick out and hard costs for the things you have. I will get my contractor to estimate the labor as well. I will be keeping your budget in mind. When we have agreed on a scope of work, we will proceed with the project and to the next step. Don't worry, there is a lot of going back and forth during a remodel and you will have time to refine your choices as we proceed.


 Starting Your Project-

 Once all the designs are approved and decisions are made your materials can be ordered, prior to demolition of your home and reconstruction. The planning that goes into design and material decisions is instrumental not only in obtaining a valid bid and budget – this planning is also  pivotal to the construction schedule. You have an expectation of when your remodel will be completed and you will be disappointed and frustrated if it isn't done on time. A vital  component to being done on time is to have the materials on hand, ready to go. When all materials have been specified prior to the bid process, it is straightforward to get those orders in process early.

 Moving On With Your General Contractor-

 You’ve got to have a Great General Contractor. Their skills and the quality of their sub-contractors are both going to determine the outcome of your remodel. You are going to spend a lot of time with this person. The cost of their bid is only one consideration. The abilities to communicate well and work together closely are equally important to the sanity of all involved and the smoothness of your remodel. Choose your general contractor well – you need him or her – he/she works for you – he/she is accountable to you.